40 Mike Gas Powered Grenade

Battle Box Airsoft

40 Mike Gas Powered Grenade

40 Mike Grenade 

  • The longest effective range of any shower grenade - 100ft (using propane/ green gas)
  • 10ft diameter spread at 100ft (0.2g BBs with propane/green gas)
  • 150 BB Capacity
  • Robust CNC machined and heavy cast metal parts
  • Easy to reset - simply fill with BBs and Gas
  • CHeap consumables, very low cost per use
  • Standard 40mm format fits most launchers (115mm length)
  • Effective range with duster gas (HFC 134A) is 60ft
  • Safety cover included preventing accidental triggering 

Morale Patch

  • Includes limited-run morale patch with velcro backing

Grenade Oil

  • Includes a bottle of Al medium 30wt silicone grenade oil for maintaining your shell