Cyclone Impact Grenade

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Cyclone Impact Grenade

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Cyclone Impact Grenade 

  • Grenade spins while firing 140 BBs in all directions 
  • Propane powered and fully reusable 
  • Sensitive and reliable impact head
  • Easy to reset (no loose trigger parts, no tools)
  • Scoop load BBs for quick reloads
  • Robust design using resilient acetal
  • Reusable locking pin
  • Lanyard loop on the functioning spoon handle 
  • Very low-cost per use

Grenade Oil

  • Medium 30wt silicone oil specially selected for use in Al grenades
  • Only 2 drops every other fill keeps your grenade in top shape.

Grenade Skins

  • 3 colour choices
  • Customise your grenade to your personal preference